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Those Happy Times When Heads Explode: Terrorizing audiences by sonifying the intangible psychic force within science fiction cinema

The following is the final paper and project for EDPX 5000: Sonic Science Fiction at the University of Denver in spring 2013.

“I want you to think of something specific, something that will not breach the security of your organization, and that you’ll not object to having disclosed to this group. Something personal, perhaps,” says the bald man in the suit and glasses.

“Yes, I have something,” responds the volunteer. “Do I need to close my eyes?”

“Doesn’t matter,” responds the man in the suit.

And it begins. The music builds slowly, emerging from silence. The volunteer closes his eyes and cocks his neck, looking as if he is attempting to escape a nightmare. The bald man franticly glances between the spectators in the room and the volunteer to his right. He breathes loudly, as if performing a spectacular physical feat. The spectators in the room grow concerned by the intensity exhibited by the two men. The bald man begins to shake, and his face contracts. The frequency of the tones continues to rise, screeching and screaming, until suddenly the music stops. Immediately, the bald man’s head explodes, spraying blood across the room. His face folds in upon itself and falls forward into his lap.

Scanners: Exploding head

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